Leather Care Tips

Taking care of your leather shoes can help them last longer. Leather is very durable and also easy to maintain. However, like anything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Here are some tips to help your leather last longer and look better.

Tips for longer lasting leather:

Use a shoe horn
When putting on shoes, use shoe horns to protect the heel from unnecessary wear.
Put cedar shoe trees in for odor
After wearing your shoes, put cedar shoe trees in them to absorb moisture and maintain the regular shape of your shoes.
Dry wet shoes/boots after wearing
When your shoes/boots get wet, give them time to dry completely, inside and out. If that’s not possible, invest in a boot/shoe dryer by Peet to dry your footwear overnight.
Remove salt and debris
Salt is one of leather’s worst enemies. To prevent damage, remember to clean salt and debris from shoes immediately.
Clean and condition your leather before polishing
Remove dirt and dust from your shoes with a good leather cleaner. Make sure to apply a leather conditioner before polishing to protect the natural beauty of the leather. We sell quality shoe care products, including ShoeKeeper and Angelus, in our Laconia store.
Use shoe cream for minor scuffs
Shoe cream is a great way to give your shoes a quick shine between polishes. Use a cream that is the same color or slightly lighter than the color of the leather and then buff with a soft brush. We offer many color choices at our store.
Use a shoe wax that contains polish paste
If you polish your shoes regularly, use a shoe wax that contains polish paste. Brush and rub with a soft cloth for a high gloss.
Pack shoes in soft material when traveling
When traveling, use shoe bags or wrap the shoes in a soft material to protect the leather from scratches. If weight or space isn’t an issue, shoe trees will help keep their shape too.
Use rubber overshoes in foul weather
Wet leather wears more quickly and can lead to problems. To protect your shoes from the rain, use rubber overshoes. We have plenty in stock at our store.
Give your shoes a regular tune-up
Depending on how much you wear them, it’s a good idea to give your footwear the occasional tune-up. Bring them to Daub’s Cobbler Shop, and we’ll do a free footwear inspection.